The 4th edition of BCAMS was a success!

The 4th edition of BCAMS was a success!

With tremendous respect to other summits in the country and around the world, BCAMS has tried and managed to differentiate itself through various original elements. From the start, in 2016, we set out to be original and add value to the event from one edition to the next.

Over the past three years, we have been counting on innovation and bringing differentiating elements to our event, thus we managed to build our own signature, and even more, we are the only event that has developed a mobile chat application for helping to communicate not only within the event but also outside of it.

A brief description of what we think it characterizes and makes us different

First of all, what makes our event different, is that the organizer is not a studio, but an internet company, INFINITY TELECOM. We tried as much as possible to make an event taking into account the thoughts and suggestions of the studios, to whom we thank once again that they supported us.

Even more, we think that where we are today is due to you too!

Second, we are the first event that did not accept sponsorships from the studios, although BCAMS is organized around them. We preferred to offer equal visibility to all studios during the event, regardless of their financial strength.Our mission is to provide a space to connect and bring together people in the industry. We place first the human factor, the quality of the discussions, communication and networking, above the financial side, which is not our main purpose in organizing this event.

This is the first event without a main sponsor and we preferred to create a more balanced frame for everyone, choosing two or three main sponsors.

From 2017, we split the seminars in two days structured as Cam-Sites Day and Romanian Day. This year we are glad that for the Romanian Day we had over 15 Romanian speakers who accepted our invitation and approached new and hot topics, raising the interest of those in the room.

Also, in 2017, the CAMSTAR word was first heard on stage and we are extremely proud to have created a unique gala in the world to award the CamStars of every studio! We started with 12 studios for the first edition, and we are currently at a number of 17 studios for our second edition.

In 2018 we organized the first edition of the CamSites Awards, an evening dedicated to industry-leading sites and their award winners. It counted six participating sites, 13 models and 8 studios.

This year was also the first dinner/party dedicated to the affiliates, we thank Stefan Mühlbauer and Andy Wullmer for the support and involvement!

Last but not least, we had the great honour to organize the first branded Streamate party, a truly special evening! And when one of the largest livecam companies in the world decides to hold the first party with us, it means recognizing our value. BCAMS is a neutral, innovative, equidistant event and DIFFERENT!

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A professional network dedicated exclusively to the livecam industry. Our main mission is to support the industry in its development and growth, by launching a monthly magazine issue, an annual special EXPO event, and a 24/24 chat room. More than that, we are about live connection too, so join our annual parties - BCams Xmas Party and the Celebration of Spring!